SNP Charcoal Mineral Black Ampoule Mask, 10 sheets

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Product Description 
The pore facial mask to make the skin elastic tension by giving loose pores without power.
Mineral water(1000mg) and charcoal powder(12. 5mg) is contained will intensively to lack of moisture in the skin and keep the Oil and water balance by controlling excess sebum 
How to use
1. Wash thoroughly attached area and remove the moisture.
(If there is any sweat or dirt, it does not stick well. Thus, use after cleaning and drying
2. Remove half of transparent film, attach to desired area. then, attach the product, removing remaining film
3. Attach the product at one time since adhesion shall be poor when attach ing several times.
4. Be carefull, if you wear shoes when you attach sheet, sheet shall be at tached to shoes or socks
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