MVSK 24K Gold Coated Ion Beautifier

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MVSK®24K Gold Coated Ion Beautifier can effectively promote the regeneration of skin, the most effective way to improve your skin because it can restore and balance one’s physiological function. 

Helps maintaining beautiful skin. Massage with it daily for 2-3 minutes to obtain dual results: relaxation and care for your skin. It can even be used during a bath. To obtain even better skincare results, apply on various acupuncture points during massage.

For the T-shaped Head pressure or aging could lead to irregular change in the natural electric current in body. That is the crucial cause of aging signs such as dark spots and skin loosening. The wavelength of gold ion is identical to that of the natural current of human body; a gentle slide on the skin using the device can, regulate the skin’s bioelectricity and restore its elasticity and moisture.

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