Jayjun Multi Vita Tone-up Mask

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Jayjun Multi Vita Tone-up Mask 5 pcs


★ Manufacture : SPL


★ Country of origin : South Korea


★ Capacity : 25ml x 5pcs


★ Main ingredient

 : Vitamin C, E, B3, B5, B6, Centella asiatica extract, forsythia fruit extract, lotus seed extract, propolis extract

 ★ Product description

 : Vitamin complex tones up for bright skin with vitality.

 : Holds moisture for long to soothe skin with moisture.

 : Mask pack which cares bright skin from the inside of skin

 : Excellent adhesion of Cupra fabric provides moisture and nutrition for a long time.

 ★ How to use

 1. After face wash, apply sheet onto face and make it fit evenly.

 2. Remove after 10~20 minutes then tap the remain essence for absorption.

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