HABA Cooling Misty Serum 80ml

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Cooling Misty Serum 80ml x 1

・MISTY SERUM, an extremely popular item throughout the campaign two years ago, has returned in a summer version. This moisturizing serum mist addresses a variety of summer skin problems by reducing greasiness and providing skin with a fresh, moisturizing feel and a pleasant, cooling sensation.
・The natural cooling ingredient (Japanese mint grown in Hokkaido) contained in the jelly mist soothes redness caused by the sun and conditions the skin’s texture with its refreshing feel.
・Natural astringent (cucumber extract) tightens pores, and controls shine caused by excess sebum secretion to help makeup last longer.
・Contains natural ceramide and hyaluronic acid, both essential to treat hidden summer dry skin. It hydrates the skin’s dry condition caused by air conditioning or exposure to UV rays.
・The refreshing yet relaxing mint-based fragrance is blended with a soft, gentle floral and fruity scent.
・In addition to using as part of a morning and evening skincare routine, this easy-to-use portable spray can be used anytime and anywhere to hydrate and freshen up the skin. It can be sprayed over makeup to keep the skin cool and moderately-hydrated for hours.

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