DR.BSC All In One Electronic Face & Body Brush Cleanser

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1. Open the lid of the battery compartment and then install 4 AA batteries. Make sure they are inserted with the correct polarity before closing the lid. 
2. Install the brush head needed onto the device. Push until it is locked with a click. 
3. Wash your face with water before application. Soak the brush head with water and then squeeze an appropriate amount of cleansing lotion onto the brush or over the face. Do no use when the brush head is dry to avoid skin irritation. 
4. Place the brush head gently on skin. 
5. Press "I" to start the cleansing mode. Press"O" to stop. 
6. Move the brush head gently over skin. Avoid applying too much pressure. Make sure the treatment is comfortable. 
  • Steps for Face Cleansing Forehead: along the forehead from between the eyebrows to the temples; from bottom to top. Move gently. 
  • Nose Bridge: along the nose bridge; from top to bottom. Move gently. 
  • Cheeks: along the cheeks; from bottom to top and from inside to outside. Move gently. 
  • Chin: along the chin; from right to left and then left to right. Move to and fro gently. 
  • Safety Reminders: 
    • Do not apply on dry and coarse skin. Stop using in case of allergy reaction, redness or swelling. 
    • Do not apply too much pressure on skin when using the cleaning brush. Allow the application to deliver the comfort you enjoy. 
    • Clean accessories regularly to ensure they perform optimally. Regular cleaning also extends the service life of the device. 
    • Keep children away from the accessories. 
    • Please clean the device and the accessories after use. Do not clean plastic products with alcohol, gasoline or abrasive cleaning agents. 
    • Please wash accessories in water. Keep water temperature below 50℃. 
7. After washing, dry the accessories in air. Friendly Reminder: remove batteries from the device if not using it for a long time.
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